Concept Photo shoot for DEX FIT 2020 F/W Season products lineup of Cut resistant gloves (FALL/WINTER)

We took a concept photo of DEX FIT brand’s new cut resistant gloves products that go well with fall/winter. Previously, shooting was conducted according to excellent quality such as product safety and cutting prevention level strength, but this time it was conducted according to a concept that emphasizes the comfort and stylishness of our products.

We prepared a variety of props to match the product and filmed, and all of the DEX FIT products match well with the props.

Designers and architects often use a variety of sharp tools and tools when creating design drawings or model wireframes using acrylic. Even at this time, cut proof gloves are often used, and the product looks good in photos that emphasize the concept of experts.

We was busy preparing for the shoot, but it’s nice to finish well. We are going to go through the steps of revising the shooting results and reveal them through Instagram or blog, so we ask for your interest and expectation.




DEX FIT by MUVEEN is manufacturing the best quality work gloves (cut resistant gloves) with world-class technology. The state-of-the-art technology is highly rated by users and industries alike based on trust and recognition. We are manufacturing safer, more comfortable gloves through testing them in various scenes,

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