Cut Proof Work Gloves market growth and industry outlook 2020 ( Price and sales volume trend, etc. )

There are many cases of cut proof work gloves used on the job site or in everyday life. The sales of DEX FIT brand gloves are also growing several times compared to last year. In line with this trend, there is a lot of interest and technology investment in cut resistant work gloves.

According to several statistical data and reports from research institutes, the cut resistant gloves market will reach a CAGR of 7% by 2025, and the market will reach about $8 billion. Growth is likely to continue during this period as the risk of personal injury associated with labor-intensive industries continues to increase. It is expected that the use rate will continue to increase in the outdoor market and food processing market as well as industrial sites such as construction, manufacturing, and chemicals.

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In particular, in the largest market countries such as USA and UK, regulations on PPE (personal safety protection products) are strengthened at industrial sites, and the awareness of workers’ safety is increasing, and the overall size of the industry is growing. Among them, the size of industrial cut resistant work gloves, which accounts for the largest share, is expected to grow with it.

In this business environment, several top-tier manufacturers with superior technology are competing for development to produce higher quality products. As users demand thinner, lighter, and higher strength products, we are algo striving to develop materials and develop weaving technologies.


MUVEEN’s DEX FIT products are also making ceaseless efforts to meet the demands of government and customers, and are investing in technology development more than usual.

If you look at Amazon’s current product listings, several companies sell products in price ranges between $8 and $15. Sales volume is steadily rising, and among them, MUVEEN DEX FIT products are at the top.

MUVEEN will make more efforts to create products that are optimized for customer requirements by using more advanced technologies in the changing and growing personal safety protection industry market.


DEX FIT by MUVEEN is manufacturing the best quality work gloves (cut resistant gloves) with world-class technology. The state-of-the-art technology is highly rated by users and industries alike based on trust and recognition. We are manufacturing safer, more comfortable gloves through testing them in various scenes,

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