MUVEEN and KOTRA will be on Amazon Live at Nov 2 Mon 8 PM PDT / 10 PM EDT (Cru553 Cut Resistant Glove)

We are excited to announce the launch of our new products and Amazon Live.

MUVEEN and KOTRA will be on Amazon Live at Nov 2 MON 8 PM PDT / 10 PM EDT .


Live Summary

Featured Products : Cru553( Cut resistant Glove )

Promotion Event:

  • All products 20% off on Amazon live
  • 10 paticipants will get New released products WG201 (Winter Work Glove), FM100 (Face Mask)

Live time: 30~45 min

Host  : Haeppy & Jina Kim



Brand Introduction


We are MUVEEN – MOVing Energy. The reason? We never stop improving and moving forward.

We are specialized in the Safety & Hygiene sector and are now targeting safety work gloves (DEX FIT gloves) and personal care products.

Our offices are located in Seoul and Seattle, we have warehouses both in the US and Europe.



We have a cause that separates us from the rest: supporting people around the world by finding solutions to their everyday problems. Providing comfort, performance, safety and happiness. Now and in the next 100 years.


Our Story

From the very beginning we researched about daily and occupational injuries. Millions of nonfatal accidents and fatalities occur globally each year creating economic burden on individuals, employers, and society. Our mission is to protect and support people from those daily injuries and environmental threats.

To date we have been hard at work to keep our word: we implement strict quality controls on our global supply chain. We make sure that the manufacturers maintain international standards by keeping close contact with them through regular visits. We never stop researching to increase our advanced materials knowledge. We keep producing our products through state-of-art technology and creativity.

Through this meticulous care we can constantly provide the most comfortable products for your personal care and hygiene.




DEX FIT is our safety work gloves brand and stands for DEXterity and snug FIT. It is our way to ensure hands are comfortable, protected from injuries, and free to perform any task.

We provide a broad spectrum of colors, features and models.


Cru553 model features


CUT PROOF RESISTANCE: level 5 is the highest protection against everyday cuts, punctures and abrasions


COMFORTABLE 3D STRETCH FIT: the 3D knitting design allows for an ergonomic and second-skin fit to all fingers. Touch sensitivity, freedom of movement and manual dexterity are our unbeatable features for extreme comfort. The high elastic knit cuff keeps the gloves secure to the wrist and is easy to put on and take off


POWER GRIP: their strong grip minimizes hand fatigue and makes them non-slip even in wet and greasy conditions


HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Lightweight, thin 13-gauge UHMWPE, Spandex and fiberglass fibers. Spandex gives elasticity and UHMWPE is extremely strong against cuts. The rubber coating is in water-based nitrile and passed the FDA food contact test. These gloves are breathable too, so won’t make hands sweat while working.

(COMPOSITION: UHMW PE 60%, fiberglass 10%, Nylon & Spandex 30%, Nitrile rubber 100%)


TOUCH SCREEN COMPATIBLE: compatibility with all smart devices. They allow you to text, swipe, type without taking them off


EMOTIONAL DESIGN: gloves come in many color variations and sizes, so that they can adapt to different tastes and hands. Colors: Blackgray, Grey, Red, Blue, Green. Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large. Easy on and off high elastic knit wrist cuff


Applications: Ideal for handling sharp metal, knives, box cutters, slicers, glass, plastic, construction materials, and for gardening, DIY, carpentry, plumbing, filleting, fishing, oyster shucking, woodworking, HVAC, cooking, chopping and carving


MACHINE WASHABLE: these gloves are reusable and machine washable, making them not only protective, but also eco-conscious. Laundry guide: Wash cold and dry at low temperature



-CE Qualified EN388

-Abrasion Level 4, Cut Level 5, Puncture Level 4

-ANSI Cut-Proof A4


PACKAGE: they come in sets of 1 pair per pack or 3 pairs per pack


RELIABLE: We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back if customers are not happy with our products


DEX FIT by MUVEEN is manufacturing the best quality work gloves (cut resistant gloves) with world-class technology. The state-of-the-art technology is highly rated by users and industries alike based on trust and recognition. We are manufacturing safer, more comfortable gloves through testing them in various scenes,

MUVEEN also provides news and information on the care of cut-resistant gloves. You can effortlessly get informed if you subscribe to our newsletters or follow our Facebook.

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