Expansion of Using the Cut Resistance Gloves in the Government and Corporations and Extension of Range of Their Use in the Industrial Market

Owing to rapid development of industrial technology, dangerous works in industrial sites have been replaced by machine. However, there are always risky situations that are experienced by workers in the sites. The government recommends the use of the cut resistance gloves to prevent accidents for worker’s safety and enacted the regulations. Thus, many corporations are purchasing the gloves for work efficiency and safety of workers.

As the policy of worker safety is an importance issue at government, corporate and individual level, cut resistance gloves have been developed as a practical item for convenience depending on required condition of work place.

The use range of gloves-related products is extended into various industrial sites such as machine, automobile, gas, metal manufacturing, chemistry, airplane manufacturing, construction, facility, logistics, food processing, cleaning, etc., and their markets would be expanded. Especially, the sales of global industrial glove markets are $4,912.9 million, and the it is expected that sales will annually increase 12.8% in average by 2020.


Then, what advantages would an operator gain from the cut resistance gloves?

Firstly, the cut resistance gloves ensure worker’s safety in the industrial site, as the personal protection equipment. As HPPE which is made of body armour has lightweight and tough resistance, it can prevent to cut/amputate fingers


<To worker’s safety and comport, it is made by combining HPPE and Spandex>

Secondly, not only for the cut resistance function but work efficiency, it provides comfort stretch fit through 3D scan design. In other word, design that fitted worker’s hands also provides optimal grip to hold equipment and things. Also, it is manufactured with nitrile coated durable foam, which doesn’t allow to slip a slippery object.


Lastly, it keeps the operator clean and unsoiled. Gloves makes the operator sweating, so the air permeability is a necessary property to keep their hands dry and cool. It keeps the inside glove fresh by evaporating sweat quickly. For that, it is made of nitrile, instead of rubber, so nitrile coated gloves have been commercialized.




DEX FIT is the nitrile coated cut resistance gloves.
Nitrile coated gloves substitute for rubber ones, which does not cause allergy. Unlike rubber it has excellent air permeability and drying ability, so its demand has been increasing.

Manufacturing of the cut resistance gloves requires extremely demanding processes and tests compared to common fabric products. It is manufactured by twisting thread, making hand shape, and coating, and testing the gloves. The whole processes required careful effort to be approved as a ‘finished product’.

With the increased demand for the safe gloves in industrial sites, the quality gloves with a practicability is popular now. For several years, DEX FIT has produced and developed the cut resistance gloves to meet customer’s needs. DEX FIT developed the new fabric by mixing HPPE and Spandex. By uncovering and developing customers’ needs for comfort and feeling like bare hands, our company has become a leader in the glove industry.


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