Global anti-cut gloves industry insights in 2021

The second half of 2020 is passing. In preparation for 2021, we are busy preparing for various new product launches and events.

DEX FIT gloves are featured in several industry market news in 2020, and have received excellent reviews on several review sites.




Currently, the major manufacturers of the global anti-cutting gloves industry market are:

Top Key Manufacturers in Global Cut-Resistant Gloves Market

G and F
Superior Glove
Mechanix Wear


In 2021, the main glove materials and areas of work are expected to be:

Cut-Resistant Gloves Market Segment by Types, covers

Nitrile Coating
PU Coating
Emulsion Coating

Cut-Resistant Gloves Market Segment by Applications, can be divided into:

Carnivorous Segmentation
Glass Processing
Metal Processing
Disaster Relief
Fire Rescue




Cut-resistant gloves are also in high demand for sanitation and food preparation tasks. The industry as a whole is expected to show an average growth rate of over 6%.




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