Looking for the best working gloves for the cold winter weather? The 2019 Fall/Winter Season DEX FIT Fleece work gloves are even lighter and warmer.


The weather has become quite chilly. In cold, dry weather, the hazard of hand injury increases dramatically. Therefore, the sales of fall/winter working gloves with an emphasis on warmth are continuously growing.

Working gloves for the fall and winter seasons often restrict mobility due to the use of fleece or thicker material for warmth. To deal with this problem, we recommend DEX FIT NR450 to you.

The existing DEX FIT NR450 has great heat keeping abilities for working in fall and winter as well as providing sufficient protection.



However, as mentioned above, the need for lighter and warmer winter working gloves with an emphasis on warmth continues, and we are continuously researching to answer the needs.

The DEX FIT NR450 is manufactured using further improved thread, as a result of many years of research and dozens of prototypes in the quest for a satisfactory quality.

DEX FIT Winter Fleece Glove has the following characteristics.

Even thinner and lighter materials and outstanding mobility

The improved Spandex material is even lighter and thinner. Combined with the 3D Stretch Fit technology of DEX FIT, it provides outstanding mobility. Being 13 gauge thin, it can be used for various activities without any inconvenience.

Even warmer heat keeping and improved protection

The 100% polyester fleece and spandex materials protect the hands warmly and strongly in the cold, dry working environment. The application of a world-class coating technology improves the grip, allowing for even more detailed work.

The newest pride of DEX FIT crafted from the passion for safety and the outstanding technology

In the winter, various safety accidents occur at work sites, including hand injuries.
DEX FIT is continuously releasing products with improved quality to let our customers work safer and easier.
We promise we will keep researching and innovating to craft further improved products that provide the feel of the second skin.

Our products can be used in various activities adults, teenagers and children participate in cold, dry winter weather and outdoors. Keep tuned in for our new products.



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