DEX FIT Gardening Nitrile Work Gloves FN320

Protect your hands with Comfort, Grip and Smart Touch! Even light-duty jobs can be tough on your hands. FN330 give just the right level of protection with ultimate comfort and dexterity

  • High-Elastic Nylon, Spandex
  • XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Neon Green, Grey, Green, Black, Blue, Red, Forest Green, Navy

Gardening Nitrile Work Gloves, All Purpose

Ideal for many utility tasks: HVAC, warehouse, gardening, plumbing, box handling, precision assembly, construction, shop, logistics, yard


Nitrile Work Glove


15 gauge




Reusable, Washable

Your safety at work

The Safest & Most Comfortable Cut Resistant Gloves Out There

COMFORTABLE – Ergonomic snug fit to all fingers and an unbeatable second-skin feel. Produced after EMOTIONAL design studies. Made of 15-gauge nylon that performs with delicate, professional MANUAL DEXTERITY

NON-SLIP EVEN IN LIGHT OIL & UNDERWATER – Prevent pipes from slipping and minimize hand fatigue. Excellent while working in various conditions.

FLEXIBLE & COOL – Breathable WATER-BASED rubber coating for all-day comfort. Easy to put on and take off thanks to the tight stretchy knit wrist cuff. CE Qualified

WHASHABLE & ECONOMICAL – Machine washable for eco-conscious reuse. Multi-purpose usage in auto, HVAC, warehouse, shop, garden and for plumbing, DIY, box handling, precision assembly, construction, logistics, indoor & outdoor activities.

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE – Silicone-free. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back if you are not happy with our product

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