DEX FIT Level 3 Cut Resistant Gloves CR533

Protect your hands with Comfort, Grip and Smart Touch! When dealing with sharp objects, Cru553 offers the ultimate protection from cuts, punctures and abrasions, while providing comfort, grip and dexterity

  • HPPE, Glass fiber, Spandex, Nitrile Rubber
  • XS, S, M, L, XL, 3PR
  • Grey

Level 3 Cut Resistant Gloves, All Purpose

Ideal for mechanics, gardening, working in the kitchen, logging, filleting, woodworking, DIY, HVAC, carving, diving, oyster shucking etc.


Cut Resistant Work Glove


13 gauge




Reusable, Washable, Smart Touch

Your safety at work

The Safest & Most Comfortable Cut Resistant Gloves Out There

OUTSTANDING CUT PROTECTION – Protect hands from cuts while handling metals, knives, glass, plastic sheets, paper and cutters. EN 388 2016: 4241B, ANSI Cut-Resistant Level A2 ABR 6

THE MOST COMFORTABLE– Flexible and snug fit to each finger. High-Quality 13-gauge HPPE, Nylon & Spandex allow for Manual ability and performance of any dexterity task

NON-SLIP EVEN IN LIGHT OIL & UNDERWATER – Prevent pipes from slipping and minimize hand fatigue. COOL & breathable WATER-BASED rubber coating

SMART TOUCH COMPATIBLE – This convenient feature allows you to use your smart devices without removing your gloves

STYLISH, SOFT & SMOOTH – Tight stretchy knit wrist cuff. Excellent for mechanics, woodworking, auto, HVAC, carving, carpentry, plumbing, oyster shucking, and spearfishing. Unisex for men, women and children

PREMIUM & RELIABLE – NO Toxic Odors. Safe even for boys and girls. Silicone free. Washable and ECONOMICAL extended use

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