What Are Working Gloves? How to choose the best cut resistant gloves for work…

What are working gloves? In short, they are PPEs (Personal Protection Equipment). They protect the hands from being damaged by sharp objects, projectiles, heat and chemicals, working equipment, and contaminants. They especially prevent wounds, blisters and skin damage, protecting your hands entirely from fingers and palms to wrists.

Working gloves are made from fabrics, leather, latex, rubber and nitrile rubber according to usage. There are many types depending on environment and circumstances, as well. Automotive engineers, carpenters, fishers, climbers, fire fighters, landscapers, interior architects, construction workers, couriers, athletes, gardeners, farmers, soldiers and welders all use working gloves.

Work Gloves How to choose The Right ones For The Job

Why is it necessary to wear working gloves? 25% of all accidents in workplaces without working gloves are related to fingers and hands. No work is done without using hands. Therefore, it is very important to wear quality gloves at work.

As aforementioned, potential risk of not wearing gloves include wounds, amputations, stabs, burns, frostbites, skin damages, electric shocks, fractures, chemical attacks and blisters.



Let’s learn a few conditions to consider when choosing quality gloves for work.

1. Check if the gloves are A4 class in ANSI cut level

Understanding important standards like ANSI will help you make a better choice.

2. Check what threads do the gloves use.

Aramid (Kevlar) has high thermal resistance with decomposition temperature of 800 to 900℉ and is about 10 times stronger than steel. Thus, it is extensively used to protect hands from burns and cuts.
HPPE is lightweight but has 15 times the strength of steel and is hyper durable, making it resistant to abrasion as well.

3. Are the protection gloves certified with Level 5 Cut Protection?

It is recommended to use safety gloves that use HPPE, a material used in body armors, with fiberglass. You should check for the high cut protection level!


Ask the gloves professionals!

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